Clave's Breakthrough: $1.6M Pre-Seed Investment Round is Completed

One-Click Onboarding to Future of Finance

Clave reshapes your onchain journey by ensuring secure ownership, seamless transactions, and bridging Web2 use cases with Web3 features.

Get ready for an all-in-one wallet experience with us.

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Simple, Secure, Smart

Smartest Accounts

Simplifying Crypto with Account Abstraction

Unlock the future of finance seamlessly with Clave, powered by account abstraction technology. Pay your gas fees in any token, customize your experience with a nickname, and simplify asset transactions through link sharing.

Welcome to a world where decentralized finance is for everyone with the easiest user experience possible.

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Clave as hardware wallet
Hardware-Level Security

Turn Your Phone into a Safe Vault

Secure your assets with Passkeys and enhance protection with biometric authentication. Ensure a seamless and user-friendly Web3 experience at the same time with your funds safeguarded like never before.

Send & Receive,

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Clave transcends borders, offering you the capability of global money transfers with the simplicity of usernames and shared links. Whether it's around the corner or across continents, sending and requesting money has never been more fast and simple with link sharing and nicknames. Clave ensures. your transactions are effortless, secure, and onchain. Clave empwers you with seamless, secure, and user-centric solutions for the future of finance.

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Fully Non-Custodial

Truly Own Your Assets

Clave enables users to have 100% self-custody of their assets while providing a user experience similar to that of traditional finance.

Easy to use

Step into a new era where crypto seamlessly integrates with your daily life.

Global, 24/7

Never wait another day to make transactions again

Send with nickname

Send any asset to simply a nickname without bothering with complicated address.

Social Recovery

Add your friends and family as a guardian so that if you lose your phone, you can recover your account on a new device with their help.

Clave Asset Platform

It’s Simple: We Eat the Seed Phrases

Experience a new dimension of financial accessibility with us, where everyday convenience meets the evolving world of finance.

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We Are Backed By

Matter Labs is Clave investor
Safe is Clave investor
Mirana is Clave investor
Lambdaclass is Clave investor

Discover True Ownership with Clave

Dive into onchain, seamslessly combining traditional finance ease with unlimited Web3 capabilities. Join us for an intuitive, secure, and fully personalized onchain adventure.